Sunday, June 19, 2016

When you leave Hannah alone for too long...

Just a cool thing I found on Google+

I felt like "Death warmed over" to quote my Mom, this morning. It was one of those, tired, fog-brain-can't-focus-for-shit, hurt all over, feel emotional taxed and uber depressed, blah, blah, blah, kind of days where you just want to stay in bed. Except I was hurting too much to stay in bed and it wouldn't have done any good anyway because Narcisa wouldn't leave me alone. She was out of food, poor kitty. 

I made a valiant attempt at homework today. I only have 12 pages to read about the nature of war, but I couldn't focus. After rereading the same sentence ten times, I laid down to watch a movie, and then tried again. There wasn't much success. My mind wandered too much so I thought perhaps if I printed it out, that might help. 

Well, I printed it all right and since I was doing some printing, I decided to print out some other things too. For instance, I printed some coloring pages, some writing tips, my visual craft project list, and some pretty pictures for my manifestation board. I also made a page of quotes of inspiration that I like to put around my desk or on my manifestation board.  All in all, I think it was about 40 pages. Amanda made a comment to a friend that while we may have a printer, we may not have many more ink. I be to differ, especially since we just put new cartridges in not that long ago. But in my defense, that's what you get when I'm having a yucky day and you leave me alone until 7 pm at night. 

While printing writing tips and quotes out today, I looked at some things on my writing stuff board on pinterest and managed to find MJ Bush's website. I joined her mailing list and generally liked what I read on her site. I linked her over to Amanda and Amanda likes her too. 

Aside from that, I wished my Dad a Happy Father's Day and apologized to my Mom for being snippy with her yesterday on the phone. She called me at a very bad moment. Then I called my Grandpa to wish him a Happy Father's Day. He didn't stay on the phone long so I talked to my Grandma, who oddly enough seemed to be talking me out of Grad school. Why is it my family keeps doing that? I don't get it. When I was in high school all I heard was "YOU WILL GO TO COLLEGE OR ELSE!" now it's congrats, you're almost finished with your BA - no, it's not the degree we wanted you to have, but congrats anyway- and hey, don't you think you ought to try working for awhile and writing before trying to take the next step school wise? How about what I feel is right for me? 

I leave you with a picture from my garden.

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