Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bucket List update and Tarot and Oracle cards.

I wanted to update my bucket list and this is one of those things that has been on a mental bucket list. You know the ones you file away for a rainy day. Well, this set of tarot cards has been on one of those lists. I fell in love with Ian Daniels' art when I picked up the book Vampires, A Field Guide to the Creatures that Stock the Night several years ago for book research and fun! When I learned the artist had a tarot deck, it went on my "I need/want/going to get someday" list. That counts as a bucket list, because I said so. 

These cards are just beautiful.

Anyway, we picked them up at Hasting's this weekend and they did not disappoint. In fact, they are lovelier than I had imagined. It's not just a regular tarot deck. It is so much more! You get a tarot profile per se. For instance my dynasty card is The Moon, from there I have a blood line card, a Vampire court card, and a Vampire clan card and those create your profile and then from there you look at those cards to find images and things that relate to you. There is a lot more to it, I haven't read all of the information in the book, but I will. 

My friend Fiona surprised us this weekend by giving us her Oracle of Shadows deck. I couldn't believe it A) because I have wanted them since I saw them some time ago and B) because she collects tarot and oracle cards and they aren't cheap. 

On to the actual bucket list for this year...

1.Try Das Stein Haus this Sunday for dinner
2. Camp NaNoWriMo all of July (did not happen)
3. Silverwood with Amanda's parents on July 1st
4. Soap Making July 2nd
5. Seeing Lord Chaddum at Le Chateu Galunt (sp?) on July 3rd
6. Lavender Picking Festival on July 9th
7. Get into the SCA- This has begun and will be a continuing work in progress. 
8. Stargaze
9. Go to polka dot pottery
10. Do the Zombie Crawl
11. Go to Finch Arboretum in fall to do photos
12. Ride in horse and carriage this fall
13. Visit Greenbluff this fall for pumpkins, photos, and autumn farm fresh goods
14. See the Chinese Lantern Festival in River Front Park
15. Go to Scarrywood
16. Carve pumpkins
17. Make a pumpkin diarama
18 Halloween party
19. Make t-shirt quilt
20. Make gothic quilt
21. Make a crazy quilt
22. Make coffin pot holders
23. Host a proper tea party- might do that soon and Vanessa's Mad Hatter tea party.
24. Learn to make various kinds of candles
25. Start something spiritual
26. Go to the planetarium.
27. Spend the day down town.
28. Paint Night
29. Valleyfest
30. Erhu, learn to play
31. Go to the movies
32. Map out novel
33. Make Bread

I've added a couple more thing to the original list, and some things might get condensed in to one activity depending on what happens in the next couple of months. But I am making some progress. 

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