Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We bought spaetzle, I've been catching up on some things, and I made a thing!

A couple of weekends ago, I was talking with a friend about house cleaning stuff. She mentioned a couple of blogs for me to go look at and while I didn't read them in depth, I did skim lightly over a few. I intend to go back and reread them now that I am officially out of school. However, I had heard about zone cleaning before in a vlog one of my favorite youtube vlogers did. So, I implemented that sort of thing "my way". I'm sure my mother would have a thing or two to say about this list in as far as adding several dozen more little nit picky things (her OCD and I had many a fight while I was growing up). My mother is the kind of person who will dust, wash, and polish the baseboards. I don't have that kind of energy or time, so a quick sweep (or a lick and a promise as my Grandma Evelyn sometimes says) is all they will get. 

But more to the point, I made a zoned cleaning list. Amanda was less than enthused because its a chore list, but she does like the creativity I put into it. Instead of calling it a chore list or cleaning list, she calls it a "caper list". I suppose that's her way of making herself like it and be on board with it. So, here it is. I know the font might be hard for some to read but the important thing is that I can read it.   

Castle Nacht (night) is what I am calling our house. I have different parts of the house broken up into zones. 

I themed everything! I also split the cleaning list up into daily, weekly and monthly chores.

Obviously some rooms have more chores than others but at different points.

I think if Amanda and I take turns with certain things, it will help break up the monotony of certain tasks. There are a couple of things I am primarily in charge of and some she is in charge of that I'm "not supposed" to do on account of my back, although sometimes I will do them and regret it afterwards. 

I added a seasonal section for taking down and setting up seasonal decor, de-cluttering per se, and doing certain chores that only need to be done every few months. This list will change as needed and will most certainly change when we get a house. 

So that was the thing I made. Aside from doing that on my first official day of personal vacation, I have done blissfully nothing! Well, I've watched a few things that I wanted to watch and sat on my sofa just relaxing in the otherwise quite, dark, and cool living room. I didn't brush my hair for two days or even really get dressed, certainly didn't put on a bra- until after my shower today- and just enjoyed some quiet time alone while Amanda was at work. We did meet a friend for dinner tonight and we were supposed to go to a library function out of town but missed that. I was a little sad, but it is something I can catch later. 

I am behind on my August break stuff again, but I'm not too worried about it. I planned to take some time tomorrow and do a little catching up with it and also maybe even do some catching up with my pagan blogs. 

Lastly, Amanda and I went to Fred Meyer on Sunday. We never shop there because its a bit more expensive than the grocery stores we usually frequent, but I wanted to look at their international section and see if they had some German stuff. They did! While I didn't find the Bavarian style mustard we'd fallen in love with, I did find spaetzle! I've pinned a few recipes on pinterest for it and will be making something soon. We also found a pesto spread and I bought a garlic sourdough bread for it. We don't typically buy bread, but every so often I want a sandwich or toast. We also picked up a few other things and I found a make up setting spray that I thought I was going to have to go to Ulta to get. Amanda and I also saw the new Monster High dolls and hate them. We decided that we will just get the ones we still want to get from before this hideous change and then ignore the new ones.  

Narcisa is staring at me. She's curled up on the desk behind my laptop, but I can feel her eyes. She's telling me to go to bed. If I wasn't tried and didn't have a couple of appointments tomorrow afternoon, I'd ignore her. 


  1. Every witchy humble abode must have a name and Castle Nacht is as awesome as your cleaning pamphlet. I'm glad your getting the well deserved downtime from school overdrive. Were just starting school again over here for the kids, which is a great relief for my brain.

    1. I agree!
      I'm really enjoying the downtime, it's been so nice to relax.
      you had a lovely vacation with the kids, but school is a welcome relief sometimes. I don't have kids but it will be nice not to have the little ones that live in my apartment complex running back and forth in front of my patio all day or hear screaming all day. I don't care when kids play, I think it's great, but the screaming is a little alarming if only because I can't tell if they are hurt or just playing. I hear them and my first instinct is to go check on them and they don't even belong to me, lol.