Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Getting to some things and some inspiration

Off and on, over the last couple of years, I have splurged and bought a couple of anime series'. I never seemed to get around to watching them because I was busy or I felt guilty because I wasn't doing homework, Amanda wanted to watch something else, and or I wanted to do something with my hands and couldn't do that and watch it at the same time. Since I knew I was going to need some decompression time when I got out of school, I promised myself that I would save my anime until then. Well, it finally happened. 

Yesterday I started Kamisama Kiss. I thought that I had the whole series but I only have the 1st season, which was made apparent to me when some subplots were left unresolved. At first I thought that this was another of those anime wherein to get the final chapters of the story, I would have to locate the manga and read, which is fine by me, but as it turns out, while there is a manga, there is also a second season. I'm really excited about that because I really liked this anime. It was lighter, fun, and totally adorable. I watched the English dubs this first time around because I like hearing American VA's. Second time around I want to hear the original cast and see the differences in scripting.

Diabolik Lovers...  Make sure you read and pay close attention to the plot description before buying this one. I didn't. I remember thinking, ooo a reverse harem and vampires, oh my I must see this and didn't look any further than that. I had no idea this was based off a visual novel game nor did I realize how rapey it was going to be. I watched the whole 12 episodes thinking, these guys are terrible, surely she's going to kick their asses and put them in their place! I kept hoping there were some redeeming qualities for these boys, but nope, not really, and the dark haired one with glasses is probably the most sinister of the whole group. Apparently there are two more seasons after this and there was also a stage play done of it. I can only hope that by the end of this story something positive comes out of this and the girl kicks the shit out of these boys. I don't understand the whole fascination with women being so subservient, taking abuse, and if they just hang in there and get to the bottom of the whole "he must be misunderstood and hurting" crap. No, it is simply unacceptable and frankly I am deeply bothered that this story line has had such success. 

On a much happier note, I have the final act of Inuyasha and Seirei Moribito to look forward to next and a whole bunch of stuff on netflix and amazon prime. Lastly, I can say that while I was enjoying Kamisam Kiss and cussing the tv out over Diabolik Lovers, I was getting some creative inspiration more so with the latter. I will certainly say that was 1 of 2 positive things  about Diabolik Lovers. The 2nd was that the animation was pretty, at least in the beginning. Kamisama Kiss was pretty the whole way through and really made me happy.


  1. I'm glad that the kitsune one didn't disappoint. And at least DL helped inspire you to toward creative pursuits. ^^

  2. You can watch and read pretty much any anime or manga online translated and subbed immediately after release, that's how I follow them^^

    1. I know there are a few places online that are free, I just have to remember to look for them. :)

    2. My favorite sites are and, these two are the most up to date^^