Thursday, August 11, 2016

Catching up on August Break: Several day dump!

Since I am a little behind on August break, I thought I would just post my catch up pics in one post, instead of making several. So here we go, day 8- favorite taste- Tea! I pulled every pit of tea out of my pantry for this.

I have more than I did when we lived with Amanda's parents. She used to tell me if I bought anymore tea she would strangle or slap me. LOL! If she could see my collection now!

My mother might also have something to say about my tea collection. 

Actually, I mentioned that I needed more tea to some friends and they looked at me funny. You can't have enough. Sometimes I want to experience different tastes, moods, and so on. I like trying new ones and I am going to be using the matcha green tea powder in cooking soon. I found some dessert recipes that look amazing!

Okay on to Day 9: Red

One of my Indonesian puppets that my Aunt Pat brought back for me from when she lived in Indonesia. 

Day 10: Yellow

My Grandma Evelyn gave me this wedding ring quilt when I first went off to college several years ago. I don't remember if her mother (my Great Grandma Ireland) or if my Grandpa's mother (my Great Grandma Richardson) made it. Soft, and light, it makes a good summery blanket. It is probably one of the only "yellow" things I like. I don't particularly like yellow.

Day 11: Green (a.k.a. my favorite color)

I LOVE this piece. I don't know where or when we got this, if it was given to us, or what, but I really do love it. One of my friends thinks it is hideous, but I don't care. It's green! Plus, I've always really liked colored glass dishware.  


  1. Yay an update! I love all the tea. <3 And I like helping you drink it too!

  2. *spidey sense* I sense a tea party with a few people we know who have tea cabinets that look similar
    hint one is me
    other hint, the other Bowie fan we know ;)
    let's plan this.....

    maybe a dark tea and seance? *cackles*