Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Don't make me go into Gollum mode

Sometimes I feel like Frodo on the cusp of becoming Gollum. I have had a problem with an all too "helpful" friend. Actually, Amanda and I have both had an issue with this person. We love this person, we really do, but she just doesn't understand where we are coming from. She visits and offers to help us, which is really nice and we really appreciate it. Amanda works full time and I am in school full time, we've been sick, we've had IEPG stuff (although that is over now), and we've had a constant revolving door of people in our house. So we have gotten a little behind in settling in, unpacking, and going through our things. 

This friend tries to be helpful by cleaning, which is great but she made a junk drawer where I didn't have one. She puts things away is strange places too. Worse, she is so eager to help that when my desk was still out in the living room and had a pile of stuff on it, it drove her nuts but it drove her even more nuts that I wouldn't let her "fix" it. There was a reason why but she still tried. Then she was helping Amanda in the spare room and really kind of treated Amanda like she was a hoarder. Amanda can be a troll, she comes home and dumps her stuff and throws clothes off everywhere, but she really isn't a hoarder. 

Our issue is that we have had a majority of our thing packed away in boxes and stored in Amanda's parent's garage for over 4 years. And we lived in her parents house for that time. Since we have been busy we haven't had a lot of time or energy to deal with everything but slowly and surely we are going through things. But this friend is kind of ridiculous in how she tried to help with that. She simply does not understand how little energy and time we have had. She simply doesn't understand that books have been a huge part of my life my entire life, or that my dream has always been to have a library of my own and that I am finally starting to have one. She actually fussed about the fact that I have two copies of the same book never mind that I haven't had a chance to go through the books yet. The first copy was one I bought several years ago and the second happened to be the "random" copy I won in a contest that was signed by the author. She just wanted to get rid of one. She wants us to get rid of our double copies of books, never mind that I have notes in my copies and Amanda has notes in hers. And this goes for the rest of it too. She has plenty of oh so "helpful" advice about organization too. Um... I have seen her ind of organization and let me tell you, she has absolutely no room to talk. 

The fact of the matter is, this friend needs to back off and just let us deal with stuff where and when we can. I don't want to be mean about it, but the next time this issue comes up I will be firm. She and some other friends have kind of treated our house as a possible shopping center and its kind of disrespectful and hurtful. It is going to have to stop because it's making me feel extremely territorial and possessive and that's not really a good feeling, especially when I have been pretty generous of my time and space to begin with. 

I'm not sleeping well, so I am in venting mode. 


  1. I hope your sleep improves and you find treasures as you unpack, maybe a gold ring to slip unto your finger l.o.l.

    1. LOL- it could be her 'precious' XD

    2. thank you Holly, I hope it does and we do too. We actually have a replica of the One Ring, somewhere around here. Heh heh heh.

  2. I don't know people may read your blog and then get ideas for Birthday and other gifts ;)