Thursday, May 26, 2016

Eye doctors, new regular doctor meeting, and parents.

I got up at 5 am this morning. I needed the car (yes,the jeep is still broken and will be for a little bit longer) today so I had to take Amanda to the park and ride so she could get on the bus that takes her to work. It was kind of slow morning full of stiffness, aches, and almost zombie-ish movement. I still managed to get going. 

After we got gas for the car and I dropped amanda off, I went over to my eye doctor's office to have my glasses checked. I've had some headaches, which are normal, but the eye twitching and some blurriness are not. Well, they checked the glasses and they all match my prescription. So I figure maybe I just need a little more time to adjust to them, apparently my astigmatism is worse- I kind of already knew that- and so things have to be just so. But that's not what upset me. It was the woman's attitude. She was not happy that I took my prescription and ordered glasses online. Well excuse me for doing so. That's what I could afford and she can get off her high horse. I don't know what it is with the women in that office, but I don't just don't like them. They are so rude. I thought that maybe I was putting off some vibe, I'm not exactly the most pleasant person in the morning but I wasn't the least bit confrontational, bitchy, or even upset when it went in. I was actually feeling pretty upbeat and pleasant. Not so much after dealing with them.
 When it is time to get glasses again, I think I will go somewhere else.
 I called my friend Felicia while on my way to Starbucks after I left the eye doctor's office. I had to find some place to go until the library opened that was close. Felicia is not doing well, In fact things are really bad for her and her family. Worse, there could be some dangerous complications for her baby so her doctor is going to monitor it closely but she will probably have to have a C-Section. 

After I got off the phone with her, I called my Mom because she didn't call me back last night after I had talked her earlier yesterday. Things for my parents are not going well. Unfortunately I can understand both their positions. My Dad is so fucking depressed that he is having trouble getting out of bed. My Mom is in so much pain and that damned jerking crap her body does is really taking its toll. She told me that she keeps dislocating her shoulder. She's getting testy with my Dad and they are both pretty depressed. There is a lot more going on and my both my parents have told me some stuff that's pretty upsetting. 

I have told my Dad that I have an extra room if they need it. I told him we could get a storage unit to put their stuff in and they could stay with us until he got a job up here and a place of their own. Knowing my parents, they wouldn't stay with us for very long. I am even willing to pay a pet deposit for my sister-dog, Kali. On top of that they could enroll in health insurance through the state and get it basically for free. I could take my Mom down to DSHS and see what they can do to help her with the disability crap. My mother is talking about getting a job. Not in her condition. No one is going to want to be liable for someone who has seizure like activity, chronic debilitating migraines, and can't hear well enough in a crowded room. More importantly, she's not supposed to be lifting the dog let alone laundry baskets. No, employers will look at her and then throw her application in the trash. And how the heck is she going to find a job if my Dad can't and he does have a college degree and 30 years of corrections experience under his belt?! I mean this shit is getting unreal!

Both of my parents need to get out of their own heads. I can see them both cycling through shit and their thoughts just keep spiraling downward. Not that I am any better, but I have been where my Dad is at and it is not a good place.  

The good news is that Uncle Craig is home from the hospital and seems okay.

*sigh* Can good, positive things start happening for my family and friends yet? 

Well, I am off to have my first appointment with my new doctor. I am hoping that goes well. 

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  1. Hi Hannah,

    I came across you blog by accident. I have to say that I am really glad that I did. It looks like you are going through a lot of stress in your daily life. I can relate. Sometimes, you just have to find the center and try to hold on. I find that journaling is a way to relieve a lot of stress. Best wishes!

    Jennifer Bell @ Clarity Vision - SmithField, NC