Thursday, May 12, 2016

My house is a wreck... again.

So my house is a disaster again. 

Amanda thought yesterday would be a really great day to bring all the crafts out for me to go through while she worked on getting my desk into the spare/office/library/Bowie room. *sigh* I should have been doing homework instead but the house stuff needed to be done as well. I managed to hurt my knee and my back, but that kind of go hand in hand with me trying to do anything I want or need to do and my back just needs to shut up and get over it. 

We got rid of some stuff, yay, and organized the rest. We have a couple more boxes to go through in that room but they are going to have to wait, probably until my break between terms. 

So for now this is what that room looks like:

I am working on getting a shelf to put some of that stuff on so it doesn't look so bad and so I have easier access. A friend of mine has a baker's rack that she said I could have if her mother didn't want it. 

Amanda gave me two shelves on one of the bookshelves and the top shelf too. 

That's the first wall you see when you go in. Vinyl records are on the bottom, the rest- aside for my craft shit- are books and assorted nick knacks. And my scrap booking paper boxes. I don't know who's sleeping bag that is or how or when we acquired it. 

My desk with a bunch of stuff on it that doesn't belong. Narcisa seems to think that she gets to be on it and I will allow it since it is in front of the window, as long as she doesn't cause me problems. Amanda was trying to get her to look at the camera. Oh look, we have sheer bat curtains! 

More books and things. The HBI box is hiding the record player.

And more books and my lame attempt to hide the stack of boxes and tubs we still have to go through. Yes, those are Build-a-Bear My Little Ponies and a few other stuffed animals. The closet is full of seasonal decorations and some more art stuff. My bedroom closet has my yarn and half of my fabric. I will take "finished" pictures when we get everything put together, which I really hope is soon. 

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