Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Almost finished, new anime, excited for break week

I'm going to start with the fun stuff first. My friend Birdy came over yesterday for a breakfast, tea, and Anime date. I made breakfast, we made our respective tea, and she showed me got me started on Sword Art Online. I'd heard good things about this anime, such as everyone I've talked to about seemed to like it a lot. As it turns out, I'm two or three episodes in and really like it too. The premise is a bunch of people who went out and bought a virtual reality system and the game Sword Art Online. Some of the people were beta testers and some are new but they all logged in for casual game play only to learn that they can't log out. I don't want to say too much more for fear of spoiling too much. It's kind of dark but it's really good. 

I am almost finished with this term of school, I'm in my finals week. Apparently in my wellness class, the recording tool of choice for my PowerPoint presentation isn't really of choice. I sued screencast o matic, I think that's what its called. Anyway, because it wasn't embedded in the presentation, it was wrong so I have to do it over again. Lovely. so I will be doing that later today and right after, recording the final presentation and turning both in. Then I get to research the apa format for writing an outline, because apparently I missed that it was supposed to be in apa format and so it was wrong too. Easy fixes, but damn they are time consuming. That's all for my wellness class.

For my Advanced Creative Writing class, I have a 680 point reflection essay due this week without a page limit or word count listed- which makes me nervous as hell. So I'm going to have to shoot my instructor a message. I also have to edit my final draft of my short story. I couldn't seem to write it last week but managed to get it done last night. I was ready to cry when I went to bed last night. I hate it. I haven't looked at it yet today, but I'm pretty sure I will still hate it. I don't like the removal of one of the characters. It was actually more draining to write this draft than any of the previous drafts. You know what, no matter how solid my instructor thinks the story is, I just hate it as a short story. I need it to be a novel. It's going to be a novel. It has to be a novel! 

I'm really excited for my break week to come. I have plans to sew, to cook and clean, to read and to write, and get out of the house for a little bit. Most of all, I have plans to relax. I don't know how much relaxing will get done, but I am hopeful for at least a little. 

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