Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fat girl does not go quietly into the the afternoon, and engagement photos

I love this picture, it makes me miss my black hair and while I adore having had blue hair for a year and a half, I think it is time to go back... Plus, she's a vamp with nice boobs.

This weekend has been one of tears, laughter, and pain. It began with going out to get engagement photos. I haven't edited them yet, but there are some good ones. Amanda is a little shocked with a couple. She said, I know we're big but we don't look that big in real life. The camera adds 10 pounds, that's just the way it has always been. But yeah, its kind of weird. Its fine, it is what it is. Eventually I will get them edited and will share them.

A lot of other things happened which for you will remain... a mystery! Not really, I made yummy potato soup, cleaned up my kitchen only to wreck it with bread making, and the living room got a tad rearranged so we can utilize the fire place as it grows colder. I also broke one of my raven candle holders so I have to fix it tomorrow. 

The big thing that caused pain and tears was the moment we came home from the store and I rolled/ twisted my ankle. I crashed into the craft storage and supplies that were waiting to be put into the other room as I fell and scraped and bruised my right side. Today my ankle hurts worse, which just sucks. 

I have some new things in the works, but I'm a bit too distracted to write about them tonight, so I will write about them later. 

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