Thursday, October 13, 2016

Two blogs, well crap, and construction

**edit- So I took a screen shot of the invite and forgot that the world doesn't think LaFantasie is a real last name- only it is- its french! LOL.

Today is Amanda's and my 9 year anniversary of being together. Next year, on our 10th, we'll be getting married. Here is the save the date announcement. I figured that since I don't have everyone's mailing address, it might be easier and more time and cost effective to just put it up on here. 

I am doing two blogs today, because I want to.

This morning I had to take Amanda to work. I always give her a little grief about it, but I don't really mind. I like driving. What I don't like are other drivers who are rude and I really don't like rush hour. I had prepared myself for rush hour this morning and since it is a gloomy, cold, and rainy day (which delights me to no end) I was prepared for people to be extra dumb. There are three areas where I-90 seems to bottle neck during rush hour but this morning traffic was so backed up, that I was forced to get off the high way half way to Amanda's work, else she was going to half an hour later. Yes, there was an accident, but it was on the other side of the high way.  

Now, since I had to get off the high way and deal with more stop and go traffic with traffic lights and pedestrians, that also meant that I had to deal with more than the recently normal construction downtown. I suppose I shouldn't say recent construction since it's been going on since spring. I was fussing about it and Amanda said they were just going to patch it up for winter and then start on it again next summer. WHAT?! Apparently the contractor in charge was brought up before the City Council because it shouldn't be taking so long to fix the roads downtown and because it is, local businesses are suffering. This guy has quite literally got his crew spread out all over downtown and a good majority of the streets are torn up and get so congested that it makes getting anywhere down there very difficult, not to mention that parking is even more of a bitch than normal. anyway said contractor said this wouldn't have been a problem had they not come across things they weren't expecting, which I guess a lot of people have called bullshit on, because the entire city has been mapped out and and has records and yada yada since the beginning. It boils down to he didn't plan effectively, spread his workers out too wide and thin, and will be making a profit off it. 

On to other things. Part of my depressing and anxiety issues as of late have stemmed from Amanda and I going rounds with each other concerning me and applying for disability again. She wants me to. She thinks I need it. For me it is spirit crushing. For me it means everything I've been trying to do, meant nothing and I could go into more detail, but I won't. I've lost too much and was finally starting to gain some of myself back and I'm terrified I'm going to lose it all over again. But I talked to my therapist yesterday and she tried to convince me that I do deserve disability (which I find hard to swallow because I don't feel I deserve anything), that I'm not giving up, and so on. That's what everyone says and I want to believe them, but it feels so awful. Anyway, I told Amanda that I would do it and apparently my therapist thinks that I would get it, she said she would back me, that she has enough to help me. Which, of course makes me worried because I thought I was getting better. Maybe not. 

Happier things! Because Amanda worked today but has time off tomorrow and doesn't get paid until after midnight anyway, we have some fun planned for tomorrow. I've been so excited for it. We are finally getting to go to Greenbluff. We are also going to do some shopping for Halloween things and do some grocery shopping. I need to replenish not only some of our food stores but some Halloween stores, and find a baby shower present for my friend. She had a girl and while I know she needs diapers and will get some, I want to get something else too.  


  1. Congratulations on your engagement.

    1. Thank you, we've actually been engaged for a couple of years, just haven't really set a date and then Amanda wanted to pushed it off until our 10th year of being together.

    2. I would like to say WHY I pushed it off though LOL - it's because on year ten our anniversary is on Friday the 13th and what better day for a couple of badass witches to get married on? XD