Saturday, October 22, 2016

Witches in Fiction 2016: Narcisa the Witches Wonder Cat

Narcisa, the Witches  Wonder Cat Does a Spell © Hannah Richardson a.k.a Kohana Moonleaf

One day, not so long ago, a feisty, little black cat lay curled up on an ottoman pretending to be asleep. It might have be any other afternoon with her witchy owners cuddled behind her on the sofa, if not for the squawking coming from the TV. Tension stirred and filled the air, and the little black cat feigned a change in position to see what seemed to be upsetting her witches. As she rose, lazily stretched, and did a slow circle, before settling back down, she took note of an orange-hued man sniffing and pursing his lips like a duck between his words.

“Stacie said she’d move to Canada if he gets elected,” one of the witches said.
The other witch sighed long and heavy. 

“What scares me is that there are actually people who…” she paused as the man blamed the blonde woman on the TV for something. Both the cat’s witches were quiet for quite some time, but like them, the little black cat listened. She listened and took note of how angry sounding, how mean, and how utterly ridiculous this man sounded. She listened to her witches’ discussion and knew their fears weren’t unsound.

“Good night, Narcisa,” the witches sang out as they snuggled down in their bed.
Narcisa, the little black cat, trotted in to take her place in her own bed, as she did every night, just so nothing was out of the ordinary. But, she would not take her customary nap before heading out to hunt. No, this night she had work to do.

When the snores of her beloved witches could be heard and both of them lay still, the little black cat crept from her bed, out of the bedroom, and down the darken hallway to the spell room. Along the way her foot brushed one of her belled toys and it rolled down the hall. The jingle was so loud she was sure one of the witches would wake, but neither stirred. Relieved, she continued into the spell room and gently closed the door behind her. For a moment Narcisa fumbled around in the dark until she found her pointy hat, wand, and cloak. These things were important for her work and had been a present from her witches at Yule time. She’d pretended not to care about them, but the soft green velvet felt luxurious to her paws, and the purple feather in her hat was just the perfect size and fun to bat at when she felt frisky.

“Illuminae,” she whispered and flicked her wand. Gently, the candles flickered to life and illuminated the room in a soft glow. Light shinned on jars, big and small, with various ingredients, categorized alphabetically on one shelf, books on another. Herbs and flowers hung from the ceiling in different states of drying. Crystals lay on the windowsill soaking up moon energy right next to a bottle of water. In the middle of the room a large work table stood and on it sat a cup of pens, a lap top, and a note book.

Narcisa Leapt a top the table, picked her pen, opened the note book and quickly got to work. After an hour, she opened the lap top and did a search on the internet and printed what she needed. Next she gathered her ingredients and began.

Over a photo of the world she sprinkled sea salt, sage, and lavender. “Orange man with bad tan, vulgar with words and thoughts, Universe cure us of this man’s wicked, cruel plots.” She moved to the next picture, a picture of the Orange-hued man and sprinkled chamomile. “Universe take this man and soothe his troubled heart.” She picked up her wand, tapped both pictures, and watched the herbs sink in and become one with the paper.

Carefully, Narcisa tucked the evidence of her spell work away, and cleaned up her mess. She removed her hat and cloak, folded them, and put them away next to her wand, after blowing out all the candles. Then, just as quietly as she’d come, she slipped from the spell room and trotted back into the bedroom where her witches slept.

Three days later the witches sat on the sofa and the little black cat on her spot on the ottoman. The orange-hued man was back on the TV, this time his squawking not so intense. Narcisa’s ear twitched as the man apologized to everyone he’d offended and told the nation that he was dropping out of the race. More importantly he spoke of his newly sincere devotion to the needy and how he was giving half his fortune to aid programs. He wanted to devote his time and energy to national humanitarian work, to make things happen, because he realized that it truly wouldn’t take much for him to be in a poor or disabled person’s place.

While the witches gasped and speculated a publicity stunt, Narcisa, the witches wonder cat, knew it wasn’t because sometimes, it only takes a little of the right kind of magic to spell a little healing. 

*** Author's Note***
I apologize for the tardiness and choppiness of this story. I had a little trouble trying to decide what I was writing and had a rather busy weekend to boot! Be that as it may, I hope you enjoyed it. *hugs*

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  1. I truly loved this! What clever cat narcisa is!
    Are there more adventures of hers to read?
    Her hat, cloak and witchy ways are adorable!

    1. Thank you, not yet, but I have been thinking about it. I've wanted to write some pagan-centric children's books for awhile.

  2. Narcisa is so wise and caring (and smart, too!).

    I love the details of the story... like the bit about Narcisa pretending that she didn't care for her cloak and stuff, but secretly loving it. So like a cat. I also like the kindness brewing in her spell. She wants the unfortunately tanned man to stop his terrible ways, but she doesn't forget to give him a good future. We need balance in this world, and Narcisa seems to know this.

    Thank you for bringing Narcisa to the party, Kohana. :-)

  3. I love it! She's a clever one, your little kitty :)

  4. Wonderfully topical tale :D XXX

  5. LOL...oh wouldn't this be nice! Go Narcisa, go!

  6. Kohana, this is one of the most exciting dark stories which I have ever read!! Kudos 💜

    Lots of love,

  7. That story was lovely!! I enjoyed reading it so much! Thank you for sharing this <3

  8. I LOVE this story! Narcisa is an awesome witch. Maybe if all of us follow her lead, the potion might work. This was great and thank you so much for sharing. BTW, didn't seem choppy at all. For me, it flowed perfectly. Hugs, Rasz

  9. I would love to see Narcisa's spell come to fruition. This was an awesomely detailed read, I love it.

    1. Thanks Holly! I would love for it too as well!

  10. How delightful! Such a clever, caring kitty! I, too, like that she gave the orange/hued man a better future. This was such a fun read!