Monday, October 3, 2016

Bad Kitty, cold breakfast, leaves falling, and writing

Art work by Joseph Vargo 

At 52 degrees Fahrenheit, this morning is a bit chilly. I've been up since around 7 am this and opened the windows to let in fresh air, but it is only now that it seems the birds are truly waking up. Perhaps my rattling around the kitchen in my efforts to cook breakfast and clean kept the quite. Maybe me yelling at Narcisa to get her claws out of the screens and to stay off the altar frightened them. And maybe my hobbling about outside made them hide. Perhaps not since they've gone silent again. For me its been a semi- productive morning. 

Despite my desire to go back to bed this morning, I got up about 15 minutes before Amanda left for work. I was having really weird and kind of upsetting dreams anyway and didn't really want to return to dream land- especially when it involved me being in India and not being able to go pee even though I was in a bathroom, and having some bad people chasing me, I think because I went to some weird forest and brought brought people/creatures back with me... I am not really 100% clear on that. The forest was in another dimension... Or at least it felt that way.  

Anyway, I was up, brushed my hair, got dressed, and came out to the wreck of the Hesperus- as Amanda's Dad often calls messy houses. Groaning a little, I started coffee and cooking my breakfast. While that as going, I emptied the dishwasher, put in the new load, and started that. Because Narcisa was being a bad cat this morning, I spent some time scolding her, and then cleaning up the mess she made of the altar. She ate one of the pieces of wheat a friend gave us and tried, once again, to run off with some Rowan berries. I also spent a little time picking up the living room before my ankle told me it was time to get off it. Of course by this time my breakfast and cup of coffee were both cold and Narcisa was still getting into and onto things she knows she shouldn't. 

After I ate, I decided to carefully shove my feet into my shoes and go outside to collect a few leaves. No, it probably wasn't the best idea to hobble around the back yard with my ankle the way it is, but I want pretty leaves damn it, and I wanted to check on our pumpkins. We have two green ones and two orange ones. I think I am going to have Amanda pick the orange ones today.

Because I am a list maker, I've made a list of things I would like to get done today. One of those is to do some personal homework. I have two books to read and some writing to do, which I am pretty excited about. My thought was to hole up in my bedroom at my desk, but its so nice out today and the view out of my dining room window is so pretty. Plus the leaves are falling, birds, squirrels, and cats are running about, and Narcisa is naping- finally- on the ottoman. So, I think I will stay in the dining room. 

Now to go along with some of that writing, I am need to start brainstorming what I am going to do for  Magaly Guerrero's Witches in Fiction Challenge. Due on Oct 21st, I think this particular challenge is going to bring about some positive energies through the participants. Sure, we'll be looking at stuff that's harming or rotting the world, but in turn we'll be seeing what each other brings to help heal it and I think that's what's going to heal a little bit. No, it's not going to change the world or fix it but I do think every little bit helps. 

Lastly, I am going to share some crappy pictures taken with my phone. I would have taken them with my good camera but my computer hates the memory card and grrr, I don't want to talk about it. Anyway, here are some pictures.

This morning's list and my coffee- you can get that mug at Wal-Mart, for those of you who want it.

Here is my Autumn/ Halloween Altar, for the moment. Typically we have two pictures on either side of Hern but since we moved the altar over to make room for the TV so we could get the fireplace ready for cooler weather, they haven't gone up again yet. And we need to unplug the air conditioner and do something with the cord. 

I turned the photo of my Grandparents around because my Grandma said she didn't want her picture on the internet some time ago- never mind that I have some beautiful photos of her and my Grandpa that I would proudly share...

Left side of the altar.

And the right side. 


  1. Sounds like a busy day. I'm wanting to Halloween crafts and decorate a tree but I'm won't have time as I aim to be in my new house before Halloween. Hopefully.

    1. I can hardly wait for you to be in your new house, its so exciting to see everything you are doing with it! I really hope you can be in by Halloween and once you are in, you can always make things for the next year!

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