Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Haunted Humpday

For this Haunted Humpday I'm sharing some of the Halloween decor we've brought out this season. Please excuse the quality of the photos, I took them with my cell phone camera which I have a love hate relationship with. We also have more decor and I am making little pieces every so often- mostly in the form of coloring sheets this year.

I decided to collage my photos for the purpose of space. The witch sign and coffin chalkboard sign are in my kitchen, obviously. I glued the wooden bottle piece to the chalk board. The fox salt shakers are from Wal-Mart. My Wal-Mart is always hit and miss with a lot of stuff and for some reason they only had the one piece, there's supposed to be a another piece of a fox laying down. Amanda thought a good way to tell between the two was to give one of them a bow. The Pumpkin chimes are from Aanda's Mom two Xmas' ago. We had them in storage to keep them safe until we had our own place and could bring them out at the right time. 

Collage #2 is full of stuff at various points in the living room, kitchen, and hall way. Starting from the top left we have the skulls I made a couple years ago. For some reason two of them really like to face the wall. Next are my Dollar Tree magnets, a Lily Munster coloring page I found and colored, and my blurred dialogue idea for a story I am working on. Third is a little ghost a friend gave us, Narcisa's treat jar, a pretty flower arrangement, and a little coffin box I made. Middle photo is of my fireplace mantle. You can see some branches of my Halloween Tree. this photo was take pre-fixing of my raven candle holder- yes, I broke it, but it's fixed now. The bottom left photo is another Dollar Tree find of a Vampress that I hung behinf the front door.  Next is my Resting Witch Face mug which we picked up at Wal-Mart this year and lastly is a cute Cool Gear can/bottle/cup thing also found at Wal-mart but from the year before. 

On to something interesting and a spooky story...

The first Haunted Humpday story I shared this year, I spoke of a creepy being with red eyes that scared the shit out of when I was a little girl. I never knew what the thing was called. A couple of days ago that changed, I think, when I was watching this video, and heard The_Goblin_Queen call things like it "shadow people". She's doing a series on her channel called "The Lady of Haunts". Which is pretty neat, if you want to check it out.

Anyway, I've decided to look into shadow people more in depth and even managed to come up with a plan, ha ha another list, of things I want to research and write about- mostly for personal fancy and interest and probably not for my blog. So that's kind of a stumble upon hey I might not have such a dead end, what the fuck didn't I think of this sort of resolution direction, what have you. 

Spooky story:

Another of my personal experiences comes from when I was a child, around 5 yrs old. I awoke in the middle of the night. I don't remember being scared, but I do remember my two cats, Pandy and Ceaser, and our dog, Obi, curled up on my bed with me. That's kind of a rare thing because Pandy generally hid from me. I was not the nicest human friend to her when we first got her. I am sad to say that I was actually quite mean, but learned that you don't try to pierce the cat's ear with scissors so she can wear earrings like the cats on TV or try to keep her in your closet by tying yarn around her neck and putting her on the high shelf. (I learned how to be a good cat owner very quickly and Pandy and I later had a much better and proper relationship.)
But I digress, it was odd for her to be curled up on my bed, while it wasn't odd for Ceaser and Obi. Still she was there. 

I remember laying there, looking out the window at the big tree in the back yard, watching the tree in the back yard sway to and fro when I heard something roll across the bathroom counter and into the sink with enough force that it did the back and forth motion in the sick twice before settling. I knew exactly what that was, a yellow tractor I'd brought home from my Grandma's house to play with. I'd left it in the bathroom, when I'd been playing with it, in the sink (I liked to play in the water, much to my Mom's annoyance), the evening before, and to make sure it wouldn't get knocked off on the floor, I'd pushed it up into the corner. There was no way it could have moved on its own. Since the animals were in my room, I knew they hadn't done it. My parents were asleep, I heard them both snoring across the hall. That's when I got scared. I remember reaching for Ceaser and closing my eyes tight, hoping I would just go to sleep. At this point, I knew that my Mom had miscarried with my older sister and my younger brother so I remember hoping that it was just one of my siblings coming to play with my toys and oddly enough, I remember hoping they weren't mad at me for getting to have toys while they didn't. 

The next morning, when my Mom woke me up, I went to the bathroom, and guess what was in the sink? My tractor. I took it out of the sink and never left it there again. In fact, I never left it where it could roll across anything ever again. I'm not sure what happened to the tractor. I suppose it made its way back to Grandma's house or got put in with some things to go to the Goodwill.  


  1. I love all your decorations! oh my gosh the wind chimes are gorgeous! I have that resting witchface mug too! lol. I like how big it is.
    I bet it's looking so cute in your house right now!
    wow, your story is creepy! I wonder who it was?
    All this stuff happens to us as children and we just go with it, isn't that wild? if half this creepiness happened now,,I'd lose my sh*@!
    thank you for sharing this Halloween goodness Hannah!
    Happy Haunted Humpday!!

    1. Happy Haunted Humpday to you too!
      I love how many of my friends have the Resting Witch Face mug, it's like a mysterious secret sisterhood and that's how we all know who's in, lol.
      My house isn't looking quite so cute at the moment, but it will very soon, I hope.
      It is wild that we just go with weird things when we are children but as adults, it's much more frightening. I'm not sure why that is. Perhaps its the "I know that shit isn't supposed to move" kind of absolutes we have as adults and as children we are much more imaginative and open to more possibilities.

  2. Your decorations are so cute, I just adore that kitty witch on your mantle and that wonderful wind chime. Of course the Resting Witch Face mug is beyond hilarious!
    You poor dear, did you ever get any sleep as a child?
    I remember being too afraid to sleep the night after I first saw the Wizard of Oz, then out of the blue, my closet light came on all by itself! It was one of those walk-in ones (I'd kill to have now, ha!) and I was horrified of it. I always thought I saw movement in it's dark corners so when it suddenly lit up all by itself I started to scream. My Dad came into my room, looked around the closet, declared it empty of monsters and shut off the light. I suppose I hid under the covers and eventually fell asleep but to this day that closet gives me the creeps.
    Sorry for visiting so late, I hope you had a Happy Haunted Humpday and a good night's sleep!

  3. Awesome decor! My son plays with two tractors in the bath tub which were recently placed in the sink so the image of your story was very vivid.