Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Craft stores are just mean, teacher recommended, black moon fades

The birds must be having a party today because they are loud and boisterous. They only seem to stop when a cat trots below them, which I find funny. Its like being in high school and all the popular kids quiet down and stare at the weird kid. It is also overcast and rainy today, which I love, but I am freezing. Of course, I have the patio door open and am basically wearing capri leggings, a t-shirt, and haven't moved around very much today, but still. I don't typically start off cold. I suppose it's just another sign that Autumn is truly here! 

While checking my e-mail this morning I noticed not one but two sale adds. One was from Michael's and the other from Jo-ann Fabric and Crafts. Of course, we are broke at the moment and the sale doesn't last until we have money again and it always sees to happen this way- which is why I think they are mean. But I'm not really complaining too much. Anything left over will be put on clearance pretty soon, which means I can stock up then and the prices might be better.

There was certainly some funky energy left over from the Black Moon. Yesterday, it seemed, was the last burst of energy taking form in strangeness, I think. I was unusually energized, a friend's pet got herself into trouble, Narcisa was all over the house jumping on furniture, jumping up on the altar a lot, climbing the screens, and to top it all off, I caught her licking the wall! Later she was on the counter where her food is and I caught her licking the side of the cabinet. It was just bizarre. Today things seem to be returning to normal. Although, Narcisa is a bit more cuddly than usual.

Also, apparently there are stupid people dressing up as clowns and attacking people. I checked my local news because I kept seeing people talking about what they would do if a clown broke into their home or one attacked.. yada yada yada, and sure enough it is happening, however most of it has been pranks. Still, as a person who is afraid of clowns and winced every time the Domino's Pizza clown waved at me from the corner of an intersection back home, I don't think I would be too happy about someone even pranking me, but I would never attack someone unless I truly felt threatened and was actually being hurt.

In my last writing workshop class with SNHU, my instructor recommended Zen and the Art of Writing, by Ray Bradbury to me. Since I don't ever remember a college instructor recommending a book like this for me to read, I put in my order on Amazon. It has taken me several months to get to it. I kind of got overloaded with non-fiction reading material and needed a break, but since I have begun reading, I am wondering if that instructor was somehow psychic. 

Keep in mind that I am only 23 pages in, but Bradbury talks about his lists and how some things from those lists become stories. Wait a minute, not only do I make task lists, I write down lists of things I want to write about, or words or objects I want to remember and later use in stories, character traits, and so on. So, I must be doing something right. Furthermore, its reinforcing that behavior and getting my mind generating ideas already. So I have a new project to add to the writing tasks for this month and that is to make a list of spooky things that I want to research and write about. I would love to turn it into a little craft project and make a compendium too- but that may have to be a long term project better saved for a time when I am not doing as much. 

One last thing before I toddle off to other things today, a quote from the preface of the book by Bradbury,

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you."

No truer words written, at least in my case.  


  1. Yay, cooler temperatures!
    The same thing happens to us too...there's always a great deal somewhere and there's zero in the fun funds, lol.
    Omg, our cats were being freakish too.
    Logan our giant, aloof cat, was very cuddly, but Rigby and baba yaga were basically running sideways up the walls and yowling!!! they seem much better today.
    I've heard about the clown stuff lately too, I'm not that afraid of them but you can bet that if there was a clown knocking on my window at any hour, I'd crap myself!!
    aww!I think books come into your life when they are needed..like friends. I'm happy your book is helping you!

    Have a great day!!!

    1. I love your cats names!
      I would crap myself too, if a clown knocked on my window.
      I agree, books do come when you need them, or you read them when you are ready for them- at least the latter is what I've kind of gone by. I had a SCI FI book when I was a freshman in high school that I really wanted to read and no matter what, I just couldn't get into it. I set it aside, picked it up the next year and practically ate it.

      Hope you have a great day too!

  2. I'm not a writer, but that sounds like a very interesting book! I think I'll add it to my Amazon Wish List - you know, for when I have funds to actually buy something from it. ;)

    1. So far so good! LOL, I know the feeling, I have so much on my Amazon that I end up having personal list purge parties.

  3. Omg that stupid clown shit is real and a scary reality. A high school hit list in and around our area has been posted and law enforcement is deep at some schools, makes me real nervous for all the Halloween events where people will dress like clowns and there is no way to decifer who's who and up to what. Those Micheal coupons are some good discounts, I got them too on a no spend week. I liked the cat video on Instagram.

    1. Yeah, the clown problem appears to be more widespread than I though. Amanda was telling me more about it when she got home last night. I wish people wouldn't do shit like this.
      Thank you, Narcisa was pretty excited to play and steal more leaves from me.

  4. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in PA. In upper 60's during the day and down to 50's at night. Get's chilly as soon as the sun sets.

    I don't mind cooler weather, but I'm not fond of freezing cold weather and short days. I like my longer days.

    Yeah, those ads. It's like a conspiracy to get people to break down and use credit cards. Maybe dem bitches all be in on dat shit. lol. Yeah, not funny really.

    I still haven't gotten a kitty. I've 'left it in gods hands' after prayer about having a cat companion and the situation just kept being one miss after another. They finally said the cat finally bonded with their kitten so they're keeping him. I"m glad it worked out for them sort of. A cat will walk into my life when the timing is right. :)