Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Last Haunted Humpday of the year.

It's a sad day when its the last Haunted Humpday of the year. I hope everyone  has had fun.
For this last hurrah, I'm including some of the pictures from out Halloween party. I have some of our guests, but those are just for us. For now. 

Here's a bit of the living room decor. We actually went a little light, but we don't really have tons of room and sometimes simple is best. 

I made some witchy cup cakes and some that say boo. I also made two round cakes.

A friend of ours made these wonderful candied apples.

That same friend also made 1 bloody mummy apple. She made some amazing gluten and dairy free mini cup cakes with sugar glass shards and the red candy like that on this apple. I really liked it save for the chickpea or garbanzo bean texture in the cupcake mix she used. A lot of gluten free flowers have that problem- textures I don't really like. Still, the cupcakes were good!

We made a black punch. It is not quite the same as It's Black Friday's death punch but it was yummy and black and for me that was all that mattered. Amanda made lemonade ice slabs with gummy worms to add to it and that didn't exactly turn out so well, but they didn't affect the punch. We had alcohol and a non-alcoholic versions which I added notes to stating which one was poision and which one wasn't.   

Here is the desert spread. The main fare was a nacho bar and thanks to those who helped pitch in. 

Some days my camera isn't a total ass and lets me get pretty shots.

Amanda took some photos of me in my costume. We went outside for some and I thought I would share one that I added a fun what pixlr calls "veil" filter to. Its cheesy, but I like it. 

My last photo is so goofy. I'm not sure how it happened. I think its cute and silly, and Amanda loves it. My Dad gave me such shit about teasing my hair, calling me Tammy Faye Bakker. I do not. Nope, not even close! Then again Dad was being quite the weasel turd that day. ( Dad used to call me weasel butt so I would say he was one worse- a weasel turd.)

Well, that's it for this year's Haunted Humpday! Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween, enjoy parties, trick or treating, haunted housing visits, and any rituals you might have!  


  1. Looks like such a fun time, I love your house decor.

  2. Wow, the candy table looks divine - what a great friend to make all those goodies! And I love your outfit :)

  3. How fun!! The food looks great! The punch is so cool.. what flavor is it?
    You look fantastic Hannah! I'm glad you had this party.. hope you're feeling good lately.

    Thank you for haunted humpday-ing with me!!
    I've injoyed all your art and spookiness.

  4. Ha! I love the mummy apple! Of course the candied ones look delicious, too. You sure know how to throw a party, it all looks fantastic.
    Your costume and make-up look wonderful and don't listen to your Dad, your photos are great!

  5. Your costume is awesome! The food looks so yummy, and I always adored that tree. Happy Halloween in advance.