Sunday, July 24, 2016

9th annual Mad Tea Party (my 1st)

Yesterday was the day of the Mad Tea Party! Amanda and I celebrated with our own "Mad Hatter" and Narcisa. We very well couldn't leave the kitty out of the mix, not when she was so interested. I would like to apologize for not getting the pictures up sooner. Amanda and I haven't been feeling the best lately, and we decided to relax, do some numerology, tarot, and simply relax a little afterward before heading out to see the movie Inside Out at a park in Liberty Lake. Also, I want to add that not only did we celebrate the tea part but in doing so, I can mark another item off my Summer Fall Bucket List. So without further ado, here is our party. 

We begin with the mandala curtain between the kitchen/ dining room and the living room. We decided to have the party indoors since we have curious neighbor children and a lot of our tea dishes are antiques and inherited from my Great Grandparents on my mother's side. 

The tea cart with two tea pots. Our friend Rachael, who is the owner of Black Fire Kettle Corn, left some of her lovely kettle corn for us, so I added it to our fare. We have cup cakes too! Mind the cat bed, Narcisa will be upset if its moved.

 Lots of fabric and pillows for comfort and to add in a little bit of a harem feel.

The ceiling.

Two tea cups for two different tea and look a duck!

Our Mad Hatter is has made her appearance behind the cookies!

Our Mad Hatter entertaining her guests

Passion fruit tea.

Blooming green tea with jasmine

Narcisa was happy to have treats of her own! She took a nice little nap after she ate. 

Amanda made up honey turkey, horseradish cheddar, and chipotle Gouda pinwheel sandwiches. I made a chipotle past salad, cut up a pickle, and set out the Swedish Ginger Snaps, Orange Sunflower crackers, and the Moonlight cookies. Of course we had Rachael's kettle corn as well.  

After letting that settle a bit, we had Green Tea Ice Cream (one of my favorites) and a cup cake. Amanda thought Monster High cup cakes were needed because our Mad Hatter is from Monster High. 

Afterwards we noticed that Narcisa had slipped away somewhere. 

We found her curled up under the tea cart. She decided that since we'd found her, she was going to entertain us by being cute and allowing me to take pictures of her. 

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's party! Hope you all had fun. Please stop by and see our Host's party, it was beautiful! Our host was A Fanciful Twist!


  1. Mad Hatter, tasty treats, Monster High, and the most beautiful cat I've ever seen...yep, it all works for me. I like it. :)

    I'm a day-late to the fun and just now getting around to each party, but if you haven't already, do drop by and say hi. :)
    ~ Misha

    1. Thank you for stopping by and by the way, I loved visiting your party! It was lovely!

  2. I adore green tea ice cream! Yum! It's my favorite flavor. Your party is enchanting, and I'm obsessed with your ceiling. I wish you'd post a tutorial. Love it!

    Happy Mad Tea Party!
    Ricki Jill

    1. Hi Ricki, thank you for stopping by. The handy work for my ceiling is thanks to my friend Rachael. She is taller than I am and a bit more steady when it comes to standing on things. she took pony tail holders, ceiling hooks, and a staple gun plus several bit of fabric I've been carting around for over the last decade, and went to work. I only helped a little. I did manage to put the mandala tapestry up myself.. barely. LOL. I will have to do a tutorial post when I take the harem look down.

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  4. Looks delish, I'm so glad Narcisa had her own plate, she clearly enjoyed it! Lovely china as well. Thank you for inviting us all to your party!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Yes, Narcisa was very interested in everything we were doing, so much so that it was hard to keep her off the tables and counters. So, we made her a dish of cat treats and wet packaged cat food.

  5. I had a really amazing time - I loved that it was a big fancy tea party for just you and me and Cisa. It was a very awesome family affair and I think the kitty would look forward to more tea dates in the future. <3

  6. Everything looks delicious! I love the fabric on the ceiling too. Very bohemian. :)