Sunday, July 24, 2016

Perry Street Fair part 2- I finally got the pictures off my other camera!

Taiko drums set up at the beginning of the fair. they were really nice to listen to.

These drummers were wonderful and really got into it! 

the vendors go up the street several blocks!

The lower half of the street.

I was totally in love with the drums, as you can tell.

the Spokane Buddhist Temple building is really interesting. It has a modern look with a hint of Japanese influence. 

Fiona and Amanda sitting outside the temple for a rest.

This store sells essential oils, herbs, teas, vitamins and supplements. I would have stayed inside longer had it not been so hot and humid, and had my back not been trying to seize up on me. 

Well, that's the rest of the Perry Street Fair. While there is another street fair coming up in August on Garland, I'm not planning to go. However, I might head over to Coeur d'Alene for Art on the Green. Amanda and I have gone to Art on the Green a couple of times. I don't typically buy anything but I love seeing everyone's art and home made goods, hearing music, and getting to try food from local businesses.  


  1. Amanda looks totally regal sitting there :)
    Thank you for sharing my tea party link!