Tuesday, July 19, 2016

S. Perry St. Fair and our Asian market haul

This past weekend we headed out to the South Perry Street Fair. Our main objective was to see the Obon Festival being put on by the Spokane Buddhist Church pictured above. I have photos of my own of the church (except inside, I felt it was somehow disrespectful to take photos in there), as well as a short video of Taiko drummers, and some pictures of the actual fair, but they are on my other camera and I haven't pulled them off yet. I will, when I have more time at my disposal. 

The Buddhist church itself was a nice building and everyone inside, the Sensei and the folks down in the kitchen, were very nice. We had Chicken Katsu, a Japanese dish, and I bought some incense as well as some treats they were selling. Amanda pretty much devoured the teriyaki beef jerky before I could get a photo of it, but here are the other two.

Both were quite tasty.
After we ate, we went up to the main room or sanctuary of the church and listened to the Sensei talk about his branch, Shin Buddhism. Once again, while I value and appreciate Buddhist concepts and love it as philosophy, religiously speaking, I was reminded of how it just isn't for me. 

After the church, we walked up the street to see our friend Rachael at her Kettle Corn stand. We spoke with her for a little bit, and we walked up the street a little ways. But, I had to leave Amanda and our friend Fiona and head back to the car because my back was seizing up on me and worse, it had rained a little while we were in the chruch and thus is was horribly humid and muggy. I couldn't breathe very well. 

Once I got back to the car and had the air conditioner running, I was finally able to breathe easy. I called my Dad and told him about the Buddhist Church. He thought it was cool. We also talked about my computer and he had a couple of suggestions for me to try to fix my problem with blue screen of death.  We also talked about a couple of other little things. 

Amanda and Fiona caught up with me at the car and we headed back toward home. Well, sort of. I was ready to be home and yet not ready, plus I had pick up some toilet paper. So, I asked them if they would go with me to a little Asian Market I had found near our house. They, of course, agreed. I had three objectives. 1. Get macha green tea powder. 2. Get tonkatsu sauce. 3. Get red bead paste. I was only able to find one of those and it was the red bean paste. I did find plenty of other little goodies, just some things to try, and some things that I have had before and wanted a little treat of again.

From left to right. Red Beat Paste, some mushroom soup mix Amanda thought I would like although, the smiling mushroom on the package does creep me out a little, and Moonlight cookies. I've never had those cookies and would like to try them. The red bean paste is to make some sesame balls and a sweet treat. 

Strawberry and lychee ramune are always good. And I love the lychee water on the right.

 I bought two of the saffron flower packets, one for myself and one for a friend who makes saffron bread or buns. It was at a really good price. The sweet rice flour is to experiment with. I think my parents had a box of it in their pantry when I was growing up. I certainly recognized right away.    

I decided to try Assam Milk Tea. I have never had it before. I bought some Special Gun Powder tea which I have had and really liked. The Sunflower crackers looked neat, so I tossed them into the cart as well. 

Amanda insisted that we have green tea Kit Kats. She apparently really likes them. I really like them too and would love to get some more. I did some research on Amazon and learned that not only are there green tea Kit Kats, but there are Sakura Kit Kats! Which of course led me on an other search involving Sakura blossom tea and and then it kind kind of spiraled down from there- meaning that I spent a good hour looking up random stuff on Amazon and then ended up spending another hour looking at Gothic Home decor and clothing inspiration on Pinterest for another hour after that. Don't ask how I went from food, flowers, and herbs, to gothic stuff, my mind is messy even for me. LOL!

Lastly, for those of you who haven't seen, Narcisa gave me a rare photographic moment wherein she did not turn her head right as the photo was being taken. In fact, I dare say she posed for this picture and allowed me to take it. I am ticked pink, of course. We were playing in the bed. She loves to play in the sheets and blankets.


  1. The mushroom soup mix is wonderful, however it is best if you have something to add to it

  2. Narcisa is so darling in this photo and you got some interesting haul from the market. I hope you feel better soon.