Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The moon for sleep, cars, facing realities

The moon for sleep because I should be sleeping at night rather than during the day. However, today that was not the case. I slept all night just fine, got up, made myself breakfast, ate, and sat down to start the day's homework and that was that. I missed five calls and several text messages. If I look at it, I got up around 8, probably fell asleep around 9-9:30 and didn't wake up until nearly 4 pm. I don't feel rested or refreshed. I have a head and neck ache. I'm pretty sure Amanda is upset with me because there was something she wanted me to do today and I didn't get to it. I've slept my best homework hours away as well and now I have company in the form of Fiona. So, I get to do homework after dinner tonight. Why after dinner? Because I am expecting a Skype call from my parents and Grandparents this evening. In other words... I am not happy.

On a side note, I have a bruise on my stomach that I don't remember getting. That could be from Narcisa using me as her own personal high way. But the three bruises around my elbow don't make sense. I don't remember banging into anything. 

Cars. Amanda and I went out to look at possible new-to-us used cars. We found and fell in love with the Dodge Journey and it was almost within our budget. It had under 100,000 miles on it, as gray like the one depected below and was a 2009 model. I really love that car and more to the point it was comfortable and roomy to drive in.

I told the guy showing us the cars that day that I am fat and a lot of my friends are fat, we need to be comfortable. I was blunt and to the point. I refuse to buy a car that I am going to hate driving and riding in.  But we didn't buy it that day and won't anytime soon in the near future and I will get to why in just a few. 

After we looked at the Dodge, we headed out of town and out of the state to go to the Silver Valley of Idaho- we used to live there several years ago- to the Dave Smith dealership. I will never go back there again. Our sales rep was unprofessional. She did not take pictures of a driver's licenses before letting us drive the car, she didn't even drive the car off the lot like she was supposed to. Someone else had to do it. It was really packed in there. Plus she let us get into a car that hadn't had the proper safety checks done. she also seemed pretty lack luster about all of it. Oh and the car we were in was a Volvo and Amanda loved it. However, the Dodge was a better deal and more importantly the back seat of the Volvo was actually painful to sit in. The seat belt buckle was stabbing me and there was no way to adjust it to make it stop.

So why aren't we getting a car right now? Despite the fact that I am terribly worried that Amanda's Kia won't hold out for much longer and thus am hyper paranoid on the highway- especially after yesterday's rush hour traffic near disasters (People drive like lunatics)- we don't have the budget for it. If we could get our monthly payment down to say 150 bucks, it would be tight, but we could manage it. But over that, it's a no go. Especially since we have to pay full coverage car insurance. Until either my Etsy business- which is in the works and I will talk about at a later time- gets up and going and I turn a decent profit from it, we sell our novels, and or I can find a job I can actually do -which will not happen until after I have my internal girly bits removed (I would cut them out myself today except I could die), we can't do it.  I don't like it, but it is what it is and honestly, I am mostly okay with that. I'm not surprised or shocked really. 

We are thinking about adding to our family soon, however. Not in the human way, but in the small furry with whiskers way. I wouldn't mind an older cat, but we have discussed it and really think a kitten would work best for Narcisa. She's motherly to a couple of her toys and we think she would do well with a kitten. Then she also has the opportunity to declare who is Queen of the house and not have too much opposition. We think. Honestly, it could go the other way. We have found three potential kittens and if they are still there after our current guest goes home in a few days, we will go get one. We would go while our guest is here but she has a lot of animals and we don't want to encourage her to get more, especially since she want to move. Landlords are very picky here. 


  1. I want a kitty >< and also the Journey that we drove was sky blue, not gray lol. I think we will definitely be getting a Dodge Journey. so much room for anything. I like a car that has possibilities and would be amazing for camping trips and road trips. It would be a good Canada car. ^^

  2. Getting another little kitty sounds like a great idea, and I look forward to all the cutesie pictures!

    1. Thanks, I saw a new aquintence again this evening at the Stitch & Witch tonight who showed me another animal rescue place in the area in which I can look at kitties. Speaking of, Narcisa is trying to bite me. She's sitting beside me at the kitchen table in "her" chair.