Saturday, July 9, 2016

Feeling a little better, Lavender fest, shopping, and almost did something

Today I went out to the U Pick Lavender Festival with my friends Chris and Judy. Our set of twins who are friends finally had time off together and came up to visit, but they and Amanda went to Silverwood, since it's likely to be the only time they are able to this summer. Back to the Lavender Festival. There were a couple of vendors among which was my friend Rachel and her Black Fire Kettle Corn stand. 

I didn't buy anything from the other vendors, but I did buy from the farm itself. 

That's my bundle of lavender and I would have picked more but my back and my allergies were really giving me hell today. Yes, despite my allergy pill, there was something out there that my body doesn't like. Anyway, I noticed, after I got home, that the wax melt package had 2 labels so I tried to peel the first one off. No success and now the package looks silly. It sure smells good though. 

One more set of pictures from the farm. 

After I dropped Chris and Judy off at their respective homes, I decided to do some leisurely shopping. I needed to pick up an audio cable for the TV, but other than that, didn't really have anything that I was looking for in particular. I went to Big Lots and picked up some olive oil. You can get big bottles of for much less than you would at the grocery store. I also picked up Swedish Ginger Snaps because why not? I thought they would go nicely with tea. 

I stopped at Ross but didn't find anything of real interest, but I did find some things at Home Goods. I've wanted to check Home Goods out since it opened, so I thought why not? I found a set of 4 steak knives, which we needed, for $5, a decorative sea shell bowl/plate for my bathroom counter for $10, and then I found these...

I thought they would be good in lemonade and other things, plus they just looked fun! 

Okay, all of that aside and on to the more serious stuff. I almost stopped by SCRAPS today to adopt a cat. I was driving by on my way to a fast food joint called Zips (won't be eating there for awhile, my corn dog was half frozen and my fried mushrooms weren't that great either). You could say I was partially inspired/ influenced by a friend, who recently adopted an adorable kitty and showed me the picture of her last night. But what kind of startled me was how much I really wanted to do it, I almost cried as I told myself "no" and to "keep driving". Of course I had previously seen a sign in front of Petco today that advertised cat adoptions from Partners for Pets and almost went in to look at those kitties too. 

On to my emotional heave and dump from the other day. I am feeling a little better. I think that is partially because I did finally get a shower- talk about that in a minute, because we have company, and because I've forced myself out of the house to do some things I really wanted to do. I also got my kitchen 80% clean and did some cooking. After it is 100% clean, I get to rearrange the cabinets from the mess my friend Rachel made of them when she was helping. I am thankful for the help, but that's not where my stuff goes, lol. I'm not really complaining, she was making us dinner one night. 

Shower. I turned on the bathroom fan, pulled in the fan from the bedroom ad turned that on, and still had some trouble. However, I didn't panic nearly as badly as I have in the past. When I got into the bedroom and sat on the bed, I was having trouble breathing so Amanda had me try her inhaler. I've had an inhaler before, the same prescription in fact, so I was okay with trying it. WOW, that helped a lot! So, we are wondering if I am having humidity induced asthma and if that's the the root of my problem. Could be.

Well, Amanda and the twins are going to be back from Silverwood any minute, so I need to get into the kitchen and start making dinner. Then maybe we will watch Pride & Prejudice and Zombies.


  1. A lavender fest sounds fun, and the kettle corn looks yummy.

  2. it was and it is. I also saw someone the other day who looked a lot like you and though, holy crap is this Holly?! It wasn't of course, but it was kind of neat anyway!