Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Never Again! Why does everyone think they need to talk to me today?

Not that long ago when we were having trouble with our Kia, we called a mechanic friend of ours, who helped us out once before and who also helped our friend Chris. Well, Chris, who had also come out to help us- because we'd thought we'd just needed a jump- gave him gas money. As it turned out we had an issue with our battery that was easily solved but the guy who came out, ended up getting some battery acid on a pair of gloves. We told him we would give him money to replace them. He said, at the time, that they were only 8 dollars. Since then, he has gone and bought gloves that were 18 dollars. 

Well, he's been asking for the last couple of days if we had the money. We do, we were going to give it to him yesterday but Amanda wasn't home in time and his wife went to work. Then, Amanda forgot to leave the money behind with me today and has it with her at work. So this guy decided that he would just go up to her work and get it. This is after he's been calling and messaging me all morning. Now, he is sitting up at Amanda's work, waiting and freaking out because she isn't outside. I told him that she is probably still on a call that she can't get out of and just be patient, she will be there. I have e-mailed her, I have called her direct line at work. I can't get a hold of her so she is either in a meeting, on a call, or helping a fellow employee. She is a lead after all. Sometimes breaks don't come when they are supposed to. 

Oh thank the gods, Amanda just e-mailed me and said that she got him the money. Geeze, with the way he acted, it was nigh life or death. I mean, honestly, we had it for him, we just needed to work out suitable logistics to get it to him. I also don't mind replacing things or reimbursing someone for work or gas money, but harassing me with bizarre desperation for two days straight is not helpful.

I have also learned that he really ticked off our friend Chris today.

***UPDATE EDIT- I just got a message from this guy stating that he wasn't sure what the miscommunication was, he was expecting 20 dollars. The gloves were 18 dollars. He said 18 dollars. Then he added that he went out of his way to help us. He got gas money that day, I don't see the problem. If he wanted 20 dollars then he should have asked for 20 dollars not 18. OMG THIS THIS is why I never ask anyone for help. 

Needless to say, if I ever have car trouble again, I will just call someone else. This is kind of ridiculous and I just don't want to have to deal with this crap again. 

Lastly, this guy aside, my phone has been ringing like crazy today. My college adviser has called, my doctor's office has called not to tell me about any referrals, but to see if I would come in earlier tomorrow morning, and there were several other calls from numbers I don't recognize. Most of the time no one calls me and now all of a sudden every one has to talk to me. Nope. 

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  1. And yup- you nailed it - I was totally in a meeting with my bosses at the time. And he got me on my way through the lobby after we went up there to investigate the new office space that we'll be moving into next week. Gods it was awkward. And agreed, dear Hannah, we will not be calling him. I mean I've had to call many people for help with car troubles lately and none of them (except this gentleman) asked for or expected anything in return. I was more than happy to return the favor for most of them later in their own car trouble times but I didn't feel it was expected of me at all. It is a matter of sharing kindness and paying it forward. He definitely helped us. And I totally didn't have a problem buying him gloves... but he made it awkward and icky and I just don't have time for that shit in my life anymore.