Sunday, July 3, 2016

Knocked off my feet, half my weekend, and a paper

I'm supposed to be writing an analysis paper for my Modern War and Society class, but I'm trying to wake up and get my brain in gear to focus. I thought doing a blog would help me to do that.

My weekend officially started Wednesday night... Sort of. Amanda worked a 12 hour day that day. I don't remember what we had for dinner or what we even watched, just that we had dinner and watched a movie. Thursday was a bad day all around. We were going to look at and test drive a car and then go to Amanda's parents house, only that didn't happen. Amanda and I both had a freak out day. Granted my freak out was a little less than hers, but she's been working a lot lately and her doctor's appointment to get some medicine refiled was canceled. Of course this is her first time with our new doctor. However, they did get her an emergency supply.  There were some other things and Amanda thought I was mad at her, but I wasn't and I'm not, I'm sad/mad over and about the situation. 

Friday, we went to her parent's house. I saw and talked to my friend Felicia and got to see the kids for a few minutes. I haven't seen or even really talked with her for a couple of weeks. I feel bad about that, but I am just really kind of all over the place lately- as in, I can't seem to stay on the phone for more than a few minutes, I'm easily distracted, and just don't feel up to doing much of anything except laying on my sofa and zoning out to something mindless on netflix. Unfortunately I can't do that right now. 

Anyway back to Friday. We went to Lane Bryant. I remained in the car, listening to music for about an hour before Amanda and her Mom came out. Then we headed out to Silverwood. Silverwood is the largest theme park in the Northwest and is made up of two parts. One side is the amusement ride part and the other is the water park side. We went to both.

Here is the map. Now I am too fat to ride on a lot of rides and more than that, there are several that even if I wasn't too fat, I wouldn't get on if you paid me. Besides, my favorites are the Carousel and the train ride. I also really like the magic show and just being there. There's this Victorian, Old West Theme at the park and I love it! The magic show has a little more of a Steampunk flavor to it and it was rated as the best in the country. 

 As for the water park side, I did not float the lazy river this time, but I have before. I'm not a water slide person mostly because I don't do heights, but the wave pool is really fun! We went in the big one and I found that I am better off in the deeper end, mostly because of my back. In the shallow areas, I get pulled funny. Anyway, at one point I got knocked off my feet and was pushed back pretty far underwater. I didn't panic, but it was a little unsettling. I remember thinking, to get my feet under me again and then I would be okay. Then I wondered where Amanda was and she was right behind me, having been knocked off her feet as well. I looked at her and then headed back for more. We were in the wave pool for abut 4 rounds of waves. They run it for a cycle, let the people swim around and then start the waves up again. 

All in all it was really fun, but I will never go back in flip flops again. That was awful for my back. I was so slow and had to stop more times than I ever have before. It probably didn't help that I am out of my fibromyalgia medication at the moment and forgot to call it in, or that my back has been acting up, or that I wasn't feeling up to going to Silverwood in the first place but went because Amanda really wanted me to go with her, or well, that my period decided to kicked up that day. Then there is that I am fat and out of shape on top of it. I actually heard Cathy talking to Amanda behind me on the train ride about me using a walker next time. I don't think that would make it any easier because I would be bent over. I would try it if I thought it would help. Honestly, if there was something she wanted to do, she could have left me behind or had a meeting place set up. I am happy to just sit and people watch. Plus it gets me out of the throng of people. I don't like crowded places to begin with.

I did have fun, despite all the negatives of the day. I just kind of pushed those aside.  Plus, Amanda got me a bear. I named him Braxis. I don't know why, it just kind of popped into my head when I was about to go look for names.

 When we got back to her parents house, we had dinner and I pretty much crashed out in one of the recliners. Amanda did some laundry and I remember waking up long enough to switch recliners and turn the air conditioner on because it was hot.

Well, I don't know whether or not I am focused enough to write my paper but I am going to give it a go. I don't even really care what grade I get on the damned thing, which isn't really like me, but damn it, I am tired and ready to be done.

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