Monday, July 4, 2016

Update on the bucket list, Happy 4th, and today is a no pants no bra day

Happy Independence day to my American friends and Happy 4th to my international friends just because.

Today, I finally got that stupid paper finished. It's several hours late but I don't care. I find myself seriously bothered by the fact that I don't care and I think I am just ready to be done with school for awhile. Grad school is just going to have to wait for a bit, perhaps even longer than I intended for it t. I need some time. That being said, while I did look at my assignments this week, I am going to shut the computer down for a bit today and just sit pantless and braless, on the sofa. I might nap, I might read, I might watch anime or a movie, I might just sit and stare out the patio window while the birds and other various life forms run, hop, or fly around. I refuse to clean or do laundry or any more homework. 

I just need to relax for a bit. I over did it last weekend, week, and even this latest weekend and am truly and wholly paying for it. I'm even starting to get a little sick. 

My horrible aunt called me twice last week. I didn't answer because I didn't recognize either phone number from which she was calling. The 1st call was to tell me that she was in the hospital and was being treated for a blood clot in her lungs and that she'd been trying to get a hold of my mother for the last couple of days. Well, whether or not that was true, I wasn't up to playing her game, so I didn't return her call. I did, however, call my Dad and let him know so he could pass the message along to my Mom. Two days later, my aunt called again and left quite a long message stating that rehab couldn't give her what she needed, that she couldn't deal with my Mom, and that she wanted my Dad to give her injections. Also, and here is the best part, she didn't know what I had heard but that she has and will always love me and Amanda. That was when I deleted her message. I'm sorry, you don't get to tell your daughter that her best friend deserves AIDS because he is gay and then turn around and tell me, your niece, that you love me and my girlfriend when we live the same life style. Also, I've had it with how abominably she treats her daughter and my parents, especially my Mother. Actions have consequences bitch, it is time someone said enough is enough. I love my aunt and always will and it was really hard to cut her off, especially how family centered I am. However, I don't have to and refuse to put up with her shit anymore. Thankfully the people I care most about back home are finally starting to shut her out as well. 

Moving on to fun, happy stuff. I have an update to my Summer/Fall 2016 Bucket list.
1.Try Das Stein Haus I previously wrote about this, it was delicious. If anyone is ever on the North side of Spokane Wa, look up Das Stein Haus for authentic German food, you won't be disapointed. 
2.Silverwood with Amanda's Mom. Silverwood is always fun, lots of walking, but worth it. There's tons to see and do.
3.Stargazing (I actually want to do more and am going to break out my telescope one of these day)
4.Make Soap

I made soap. I will take it from the container today, cut it, and set it someplace safe to cure for the next 4-6 weeks. I really had fun doing it and would love to make some again, but I need to get some supplies of my own. Even though my friend was amazing and let me use a lot of her stuff, the next time I make soap, I want to use my own so I am not using up hers. This stuff is kind of expensive. 

5.See Lord Chaddum at Le Chateu Galunt on July 3rd (game) It was a good game. I had a lot of fun and my character drop kicked sulfur into a bunch of zombies and killed three. YAY! We are also looking at an online gig to play on for when we can't get together but can play for just an hour or so in our own respective homes. 
6. Get into the SCA (already started doing that- still a work in progress. However I do know that I am going to run two personas, one will be Viking- not sure which time period yet- and the other will be Chinese from around the 400s-600s, big time gap I know but I am narrowing it down. 

It occurs to me that a lot what is on my Summer/Fall 2016 Bucket List is geared more for the Fall months. So, I have been thinking about what else I can do during the summer, today. I may add more to my list and I may move some things, like some of my craft projects from the fall months into the summer months so they are ready for fall. I like this momentum I have and would very much like to keep it going. 


  1. I need to update my bucket list too - I'm glad that you're getting a lot of personal goals taken care of. I love you honey and I'm excited to continue doing the lists and moving toward that fall.

    1. Yes, you do! You're going to do a lot of stuff with me.

  2. My issue is I always want to make more soap... So I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and BUY the stuff since I've wanted to make soap since Realm was a baby... *sigh*
    also I want chickens and a black cat named Morticia! I have issues

    1. No, I don't think you have issue, I think you have goals! Reasonable ones, in my opinion. It;s just working out the logistics.