Friday, November 18, 2011

The clock is ticking...

Six days. Six days until I get into my Jeep with a Uhaul trailer hooked to the back and make the three day drive to Northern Idaho. Six days left to see family and friends I will be leaving behind. I can't say it's easy, I've had moments where I've cried and really struggled. And I've had brief moments of excitement.

I finally had a sit-down chat with my Dad today. He was home with a migraine so I thought it was the perfect opportunity, especially since he wasn't going anywhere. He really doesn't want me to move and he really thinks it's a stupid idea. But we talked and are in a comfortable place again and understand each other. We talked about other stuff too and it was nice to just talk.

I've been trying to finish up the homework for this quarter today. I've done two papers and since I can't sleep, I got back up to work on the third. I have some book work still left to do but I may put that off until tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, we are picking our friend up from the air port tomorrow. She's going to help us load the uhaul and switch between cars to keep us company and awake on the drive. It'll be nice to have someone with me from time to time in the car. I'll have the cats with me, of course, but they will be in the large dog carrier in the back of the Jeep snuggled in towels and probably sleeping most of the time.

In other news, I've been looking for a hoodie. I have a heavy winter coat but not really any jackets that fit and are comfortable. So I've decided to just get plain hoodie and a some transfer paper then transfer an image onto it so it's a 'me' hoodie. And well, I really like hoodies, they are comfortable.

I haven't worked on NaNoWriMo for the last couple of days. I've been to unfocused and busy with other stuff. Mostly, I've been trying to see people before I leave. But I suspect that I will return to working on my short story project by Saturday night.

Well, I should get this stupid paper written and e-mail all three off to my instructor and be done with them. The rest of the homework I will have to hand in on Saturday.

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