Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Occupy Wallstreet ridiculousness

I really haven't had a chance to and or thought about reading my blog list fora few days since writing fr NaNoWriMo and working on school stuff. Plus there's the move and getting things organized and packed and general panicking. However, this afternoon, I decided that I would take a look and try to catch up on a few posts.

I read a couple of political blogs and while they might not be prescribed Libertarian, they are mostly Right wing. One is a vastly more Conservative than the rest. That's right, I said Right wing, Libertarian, and Conservative! If those words turn people off or scare them away perhaps they should take a look at some of the words floating around the Left like Socialism and Communism. Now before anyone gets huffy, I know there are readers who stumble onto my blog from countries that run on those ideals, but I'm American, proud of it don't want to live under those ideals. More importantly, my ancestors, quite literally fought for our country to be free and have since. In fact, some of my ancestors came over on the second round of boats, after the Mayflower.

So that was a bit of a side track and for that I'm sorry. Back to the blogs. Like I said, the ones I predominately read hold up to my ideals and brand politics, and of course, they have been covering the Occupy Wallstreet madness. And while I am sure there are many civilized, rational people within that mob, those who are not are giving the rest a terrifically bad name.

This time, from what I have read it seems that Occupiers are getting violent. In San Francisco the police were trying to keep Occupiers off the monorail tracks to a) keep anyone from getting hurt and b) let other people who aren't occupiers go about their business. Some Occupiers decided that wasn't cool and physically attacked the police with xatco knives. One officer's hand was sliced while another took a cut to the cheek.

In another arena a group of supporters of Occupy Wallstreet were in an Assembly to learn more about the movement, all of these people supporters of of the movement, when the Occupy folks decided to crash the Assembly. When they were voted out and asked to leave they didn't like it and like all  pushy tantrum throwers, they made the people vote again and again until they got their way. The people in the front row were disgusted by a man who fell asleep in front of the stage by his extreme body odor and others were disgusted by how the occupiers drowned out everyone trying to hold an orderly Assembly. They tore into anyone who had a difference in opinion, shouted like a broken record their message over mostly everything. The end result, nearly everyone who had come in support of them left pissed and no longer in support of their movement.  What a way to gain allies guys, great job!

Now, before anyone gets their panties in a wad, I am in favor of peaceful protest. I believe that is a right everyone should have. However, when things get so blatantly out of hand and there is vandalism, pollution, and violence and that peaceful protest becomes more like mob activity, it needs to reevaluated. You want to protest, fine, but do it like a civil human being and don't make a fucking mess or attack people.

And just in case anyone wants to know, I've been to a Tea Party rally, you know what didn't happen at it? There was no violence. People respected each other, picked up after themselves, threw away their trash, and no one was hurt or assaulted. No one squatted or camped out, they came had their rally and went home. It was in the perfect sense, a peaceful protest.

Okay, I'm done with my rant. I'm going about my business.

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