Thursday, November 10, 2011

Taking a step back

This is me today except I shake my fist like an old man and growl. I've been angry all day. Last night I thought I was finally getting some relief from my back trouble. I was able to stand up straight, I didn't have the burning feeling, and even better I could tolerate the pain. This morning I awoke and it was hell getting up the stairs to the bathroom.

I decided when I got out of said bathroom that no matter what, I was going to do what I had planned to do while trying to sleep last night. Back pain or not, I was going to work on the picking up the house. For some reason my family seems to think that even when I'm hurting and can't clean up after them and myself, that they still don't have to either. So the house was, by my standards filthy. Other people might be like, oh  it's just messy, but I need a clean environment to be comfortable. That aside, the living room is picked up, the floor was swept, the gf did that for me. There are still a few things like dvds that need to be moved and there's the dusting and the windows need to be cleaned. But it's acceptable. I still have the bathroom and the kitchen. And I'm going to have to ride people asses about the laundry because mom's cat keeps pissing.

I really think Felan might be sick. She pissed twice within five minutes right in front of me. The trouble is coming up with the money to get her into the vet. Until then, we have to keep things off the floor and try to usher her into the litter box.

So we've got that I'm upset about the cat and about my back but what really made me growl today was the voice mail I had awaiting me on my phone. It seems the dept. chair of my department at school just can't quit. He reminded me of my lack of attendance and my grade and it would have been find if he hadn't been so rude. His closing comment was to rude say that he hoped I was feeling better. Like I said, it was the way in which he spoke that really got me upset.

I'm not typically an angry person. I'm human so I do get angry but usually I don't stay angry long. Within the last few months I've gotten angry and I've stayed angry. It's getting hard for me to defuse and I hate it. It makes things so much worse. So, I've decided that I'm going to look into some anger management techniques. Usually, all it takes to get me calmed down is to listen to music or write, those things aren't working any more. So it's time to try something new.

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