Saturday, November 5, 2011


Well, I am an unhappy camper this morning. I have been reminded of all the things I am going to miss when I move back to Idaho and the list doesn't just stop with friend and family. It goes on to comfort zone, local activities and community events.

Also, I'm down because I haven't been writing as much as I would have liked and on some level I feel very neglected. I haven't been playing guild wars with my Dad and he never seems to want to hang out. My Mom doesn't seem to either and since NaNoWriMo started I even feel a bit cut out from my girlfriend. She's writing on her own stuff but also doing an rp with a friend of ours. At some point I am going to have to complain which will make me feel like a complete shit. But damn it, I need some attention.

I am also having a problem with a friend who I will soon be around a lot. I don't really want to go into other than that I feel that she isn't as much of a friend as I thought she was.

I'm just really depressed and I'm sure once I'm not everything will seem so silly. 

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