Monday, November 7, 2011

So sleepy!

Well, I made it to school tonight. It wasn't easy but I managed to get through the whole class. I took my pain meds and a nerve pill and now I am so exhausted and sleepy I doubt I will get very much done tonight. I did manage to get some homework done, part of my math and I at least looked at my DC Electronic's assignment. I will have to postpone the rest of my work until tomorrow morning and afternoon.

I feel kind of bad and annoyed with myself because I should be able to do all of the homework tonight and even get some writing done for NaNo. I got a little done last night for NaNo but not much. So at some point this week, I am not only going to have to cram to get the homework done but also work my butt off with the NaNo work.

The good news is, I have finished the first story in a series of eleven that I am working on for my NaNo project. I started the second last night and have a very nice beginning. So tomorrow night, provided I am not completely exhausted after class tomorrow, I can work on something fun for a change.

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