Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and more escapades into insanity

First and foremost, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who stumbles upon my blog and to those who follow me. Love ya!

I'm trying not to fall asleep while blogging and it is proving difficult. I should go to bed and I will, pretty soon in fact, but in a little bit.

Yesterday isn't nearly as bad as Tuesday but I did run into some rather annoying and frustrating stumbling blocks. We went to pick up the Uhal trailer yesterday morning. The woman who set up our reservation promised that the 5x8 would hold everything in a one bedroom apartment. I approved my girlfriend's eagerness to get that trailer a few days ago even though I wasn't sure it would work because the woman promised and I was too scatterbrained to really picture 5x8.

Anyway, so we get there and I see the trailer and think "Oh no, we're not going to be able to fit everything, shit"! We planned to leave our bed because it's a piece of crap, the TV for my parent's living room since theirs went out, and some end tables. Our sofa we also gave to my parents because their 'nice' sofa is a p.o.s. Funny the guys who sold it to them said it would last longer than it has. And we are also leaving some book shelves for my Dad. All of our left behind furniture will eventually get replaced and we will get a bed when after we arrive in Idaho.

On with the tale: The guy at the Uhal place spent 45 minutes trying to hook the trailer up to my Jeep. He couldn't find the thing to hook up the lights and finally, after all that time, he removed one of my taillights and saw that whatever it was he needed had been there at one time and was no longer there. I was a bit shocked because 4 years ago when I moved to Idaho the Uhal place I dropped my trailer off at never put the light thing where it was supposed to go and thus I ended up losing my taillights and had to have the wiring redone. The mechanic apparently decided that he wasn't going to put the part that Uhal needed for this trailer in. So after over two hours spent at the Uhal place and an extra hundred dollars spent, I now have the light thing and the trailer.

After we got the trailer home my girlfriend and our friend started to load it and I took my mom to her doctor's appointment. The appointment was long and I really hate the nurses at her doctor's office. One of the receptionists is a total bitch. She is constantly giving me and my mother dirty looks which I think is strange since I have never spoken to her. The nurses in charge of giving shots were down right rude to my mother. My mom is a really tiny woman, she's not even 5 feet tall and she weighs 120 lbs. She doesn't have a lot of meat on her behind and of course that where they wanted to give her a migraine shot. They refused to give it to her in her thigh even though she had more 'meat' muscle in her thighs. One of the other nurses came in and said that they weren't supposed to give migraine shots in the thigh and they didn't want to be responsible for any damage. Then she popped off and said "Well, if you don't get this shot in the butt then maybe you really don't need it". And she was so rude about it! Mom gave in because her migraine was awful. Not only did the nurse not go slow with the injection, but she pushed the needle into my mom's hip bone. The last time they did that, she got an abscess and lost a chunk of flesh. So we will see if it happens again.

When I returned home, my mom chewed me out about trying to lift things to help load the trailer. She's right, I shouldn't but I feel really bad about everyone else doing so much work and me just bagging clothes and packing books in boxes. I like to do my share, especially when it's my stuff. We now have a mostly full trailer and still have a lot of stuff to load, but that stuff can all go in the cars. Anything else will have to wait until April or something.

After all of that, we went out to get dinner and headed to my girlfriend's brother's house to see him, his wife, and their kids. It was, of course, bed time for the kids but we were able to see them. We stayed way later than we should have but it was nice to catch up, laugh, and take a ride around the block in their new car.

After I get a few hours of sleep, I'll get up, get cleaned up, and go to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner. My Aunt, Uncle, and cousins on my Dad's side will be there and no doubt about it there will be a whole new realm of stress to drive me nuts.  But, it will be really nice to see them before I leave. We've decided to leave Friday morning. I'm not sure driving on Black Friday is a good idea but it's what we have to do because I just don't think I can drive all night to Denver, crash at a friend's, and drive again all at night.

Lastly, my kitties are being so good. They know we are moving again and both of them are being very calm and very good. I know they hate car rides and long ones really bother them, but I'll give them some goodies, lots of love, and a nice blanket to share in their carrier.

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