Thursday, November 10, 2011

Words words words, lack of sleep, and math.

I have had about 30 mins of sleep since I last posted. I've been up basically 35 and a half hours.

I stayed up to make it to my appointment with my math instructor and got my grade up up to a B+ and it will probably go up still. While I was taking a make up test the department chair came in and sat down. He startled me because I was expecting my math instructor and not him. Startled and upset in finding someone I was trying to avoid sitting next to me and interrupting my test, I greeted him. He asked me how I was doing and why I missed class Tuesday.  I explained that I had not been able to move very well and was in a lot of pain. I told him that I was still in a lot of pain and sufficiently drugged just to be there then to get my math grade up. I think this man is less concerned about my welfare and more about school success statistics because proceeded to lecture me about my poor attendance (something out of my control mind you) and asked if I had spoke to my Dc Electronics instructor. I flat told him that I hadn't. His response was that he didn't even know if I could get my grade up in that class.I didn't tell him that I have pretty much given up on passing DC Electronics with a good grade nor did I tell him that I had planned sometime ago that no matter the grade earned, I am going to retake the class to be sure to understand everything.

He stayed a few minutes more, lecturing me, until my math instructor returned with another quiz I had to make up. He paused and said that the math I was doing was important. I wanted to say 'Well, duh!' but restrained myself.

After I was finished at school, the gf and I went to out to lunch because a) we haven't been in awhile and b) we were really hungry and too tired to make something at home. When we were finished, we came home, played on the computer for a few minutes and the lay down in the living room. My gf got to sleep for several hours but I did not. I slept for half an hour and awoke when my Dad came home from work. I was just about to sleep when my Dad cursed my cat and shifted back and forth trying to decide what to do. Yoda had gotten into the dog food again and promptly puked it up on my Dad's nice, black trench coat. It was an awful mess. So I got up and sent my Dad on his way to change clothes and give my mom the soda she'd asked for. I cleaned up the nasty puke and then spent the evening fending off said cat. He's a very cuddly kitty but after I sat down, he refused to leave me alone. He had to be on me in some fashion or another and he bitched at me if I wasn't petting him.

Giving up on sleep, I decided to use my evening for NaNoWriMo. I typed some of the story one handed thanks to Yoda. I'm also not very fond of the story I worked on, it moves fast, feels like two different stories, and just ugh! I'm not happy with it, it feels weird. I'm not going to work on it any more, I've set it aside to be rewritten later, when I'm not so sleep deprived. Also, I think part of my problem was in my note taking. I practically wrote the whole plot of the story in one page and every time I do very detailed and extensive notes I somehow manage to ruin the story and make myself hate it. At least the sex scene was good, even if I did write 'his fighters' instead of 'his fingers'. I blame lack of sleep.

In the end I've managed to reach 27,162 words for NaNo and it's only day 10. I know I did much better last year, hell I wrote 50,000 words in 19 days... But I wasn't going to school nor did I have back issues.

Speaking of my back. It;s a little better. I'm standing up straighter and moving around a little better. The burning sensation seems to have passed. AHHH! Yoda is back and looking up at me with large, expectant eyes!

*sigh* I am a slave to my cat. And I'm wide awake.

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