Sunday, November 6, 2011

There's a rumbling under my butt but Jack Sparrow didn't seem to notice.

Tonight while watching Pirate of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, we heard the windows on the storm door rattling and felt the floor and the sofas we were sitting on shake. At first I thought it was my cousin's 3 year old niece causing the problem since she was stomping around and being, well, a 3 year old fighting her long past bed time. But she stopped and the ground shaking continued for a good minute longer. It was a bit startling.

So, we turned off the movie and went to see if any of the local news channels were reporting anything. And they were. Apparently there was a quake down in Oklahoma near Oklahoma City and the tremors were reported to be felt clear up in Kansas City, Ks. Now we don't live that far from the Oklahoma border and it takes 3 hours for us to go from home to Oklahoma City, Ok. The quake was reported as being a 5.6 but as far as I know, no one has been hurt.

My Facebook News page lit up like crazy with everyone freaking out over the tremors and I am wondering if anyone else paid attention in science class like I did and remembered that we do have a fault line running though the Great Plains. We technically have earthquakes all the time when the tectonic plates shift and move we just don't always feel them and we certainly, to my knowledge, don't have quakes like those in Japan or California and other places in the world. There have been some quakes historically reported but nothing that would be on a world news headline. Just something that would make local papers and they are few and far in between. Also, there was a smaller quake that happened last night but I, of course, was asleep and didn't know a thing about it until this morning.

After my family and I had a little chat about it, we turned the movie back on and finished it. I'm telling you it's kind of hard to watch a movie with a tried, cranky 3 year old screaming in the background, but we had the subtitles on so I didn't miss out and eventually said 3 year old calmed down. She didn't like the mermaids though. She also said she didn't like vampires either. I, of course, told her that vampires were her friends and that werewolves were the ones she really needed to be careful of. Yeah, she didn't buy it. It;s a work in progress.

All in all I thought the movie was actually pretty good and if the rumors I've seen on the internet are to believed, and I am a little skeptical until I see an official announcement, there might be a Pirates 5. They certainly left it open for one.

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