Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Exhausted and I kind of need a rant...

I am so exhausted and this new house with the in-laws is not quiet and not at all peaceful. I think I would trade my parents hounding me to do anything and everything over all this chaos. Father-in-law has the news running in the back ground. He's talking and his wife is talking over him and they are both fussing about different things. My girlfriend is hooked up to the internet so I won't be getting her to do anything with me or for me. So with my aching and tired body, it looks like I will have to do all the house cleaning here, the cooking, and finish getting the bedroom put together here as well as go to school. *head desk* On top of all of that, I think I am getting sick. 

Today was a full day though. We were so busy doing Christmas shopping and I was in and out of the car, driving the car, and walking long distances. My back hurts so much and I am so worn out... mentally and physically, I just can't even write this blog. 

Truth: I'm going crazy, I don't know when things will all settle down if ever, and I miss my parents. Wow, 27 years old and I am whining about missing my parents, how mature of me. 

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